Camilla shouldn’t be queen


I’ve always thought Prince Charles to be an insufferable twit with a fourth-rate brain. The latest evidence of this is his insistence that when he becomes king (can’t the crown skip a generation? – pur-lease) his wife should be queen.
Apparently, Camilla would be happy with a lesser title, but the big-eared one is a very stubborn man. He’s acutely aware the clock is ticking regarding his mum and is pressing on with his efforts now, according to recent rumblings in the press. He wants it to be mission accomplished by the time he plonks his posterior down on the throne. Several newspapers claim there is even an ops department in Clarence House called ‘QC’, which is preparing us for Queen Camilla.
That the nation by and large has taken the adulteress to its heart is due in large part to a carefully orchestrated PR campaign that was designed to manipulate, I mean win us over.
While vast sections of the public have now grown fond of her, Charles shouldn’t push it and try our patience by giving her the ultimate recognition and tarnishing the House of Windsor still further. The Duke of Edinburgh isn’t king and neither was Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband who was known as the Prince Consort. Charles should be happy with her being called Queen Consort. After all, she really is nothing more than a mistress who struck gold.

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