Spain gets running and walking – in turns

EFE/Biel Aliño

Residents in Spain (such as this early-morning walker in Valencia) are exercising on the streets for the first time after seven weeks of coronavirus lockdown.
Since Spain’s lockdown started on March 14, adults have only been able to leave home, for shopping for food, medicine and other essential goods, and to walk dogs close to home. Since last Sunday, children age 13 and under accompanied by an adult were able to go out during the day for one hour.
As restrictions were relaxed on Saturday, people ran, walked, or rode bicycles under a sunny sky in along the Costa from 6.00 until 10.00 and from 20.00 until 23.00. The majority of beaches are still off-limit, although those living in Valencia were able to walk along the shore of Malvarrosa beach. Our photo shows an early-morning walker on that beach.
The government has set up time slots for age groups and activities, and social-distancing measures are still in place.


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