Fake news video -Benidorm is NOT in lockdown


As if businessess in Benidorm weren´t struggling enough already, a YouTube video has been circulating over the last few days stating that Benidorm is in lockdown again – which is absolutely false!
´Alex Belfield – The Voice of Reason ´ a radio DJ for Celebrity Radio has a reputation of being controversial to get likes, followers and to provoke reaction – which he has certainly managed to do.
The result has been holidaymakers due to fly out to Benidorm are now panicking and local businesses are incensed at the total lies he has managed to upload. Many have reported the video in an attempt to get it taken down and cannot understand someone’s motivation behind it.
Benidorm is currently quite busy and far from lockdown, although, as in the rest of the region, face masks must now be worn at all times outdoors- except on the beach and at swimming pools.

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