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No to mobile phone ban

With the central government thinking about banning phones in schools, teachers and experts believe it is better to establish guidelines for their use rather...

Scandal over artwork

A SERIES of sculptures depicting erotic scenes have caused controversy among those who believe they are too explicit for children and those who simply...

Yes, lightning does strike twice – at least in Bellreguard

TWO holidaymakers on Bellreguard beach were struck on Friday by a bolt of lightning – which fell over 100 metres away.

Prison for drug dealing mayor

THE MAYOR of Torres Rafael Gil will serve an eight-year prison sentence for belonging to a gang of drug dealers.

Alleged killer still missing

The whereabouts of Borriol resident José Gallego are still currently unknown, a week after his partner’s body was found stabbed to death

Everyone wants to help Mary

With hours of Costa Blanca News publishing our article on fluffy puppy Mary - an adorable adopted eight-month-old dog who requires specialist operation to...

Expat exodus from inland Valencia province

EXPATS are leaving the Vall d'Albaida, La Costera and Canal de Navarrés in droves, according to Spain's National Statistics Institute (INE) – six in...

Home emergencies on the rise

CASTELLÓN’S doctors and nurses are having to deal with a steep increase in home emergencies on a daily basis, according to figures recently released...

Restrictions lifted for Gandía forest fire aid

INCOME levels will be no barrier to regional government help for victims of the Marxuquera fire in response to Gandía mayoress Diana Morant's request.

Electric scooters ride into Valencia

CALIFORNIA-BASED company Lime has started renting its electric scooters in the capital city, using a similar business model to the public bike rental service.

Oliva pensioner ‘attacked Brit’ at beach festival

OLIVA police believe a 75-year-old man who reported being 'attacked' during a rock festival may have pulled the first punch.

Triumphant Tomatina

BUÑOL once again became the centre of attention for most of the world on Wednesday, celebrating its acclaimed Tomatina festival.

Measles spike continues

THE number of people that have gone down with the disease in the region is already five times as large as the total from...

Foreigners buy five homes every day

CASTELLÓN province’s real estate sector is booming as of late, with buyers from other European countries increasing their number of properties in the area.

Bodies of Franco’s firing squad victims exhumed

REMAINS of over 100 civilians shot by firing squad during the dictatorship are being exhumed from their common graves at Paterna (L'Horta Oest) cemetery...

Worst fire in six years finally extinguished

After seven days of intense fire-fighting, the regional emergency service finally declared the worst forest fire in the region in six years 'extinguished' on...

Forest Inferno under control

WHAT has become the worst forest fire in the Valencia region in six years - leaving 40 families homeless and at least 7,421 acres...

Work inspections set to increase

THE number of work inspections that have been carried out in Castellón in 2018 will surpass those from previous years with the new campaign...

La Safor taxi drivers join national strike

TAXI drivers in La Safor have joined the strike staged across the province and in several major cities in the last week against car-pooling...

Dogs die in hot car in Gandia

FOUR dogs left in a locked car whilst their owners went on a bar crawl died of heatstroke in Gandia, police revealed on Friday. Bystanders...



Concern over police retirement

The potential implementation of the early retirement law for police officers could seriously affect Valencia’s local authorities in early 2019.

Gota Fria Alert

Coworking on the rise

Mozzie madness