Coast residents revolt


Orihuela Costa residents staged a noisy protest this morning, banging pots and pans to voice their long-standing dissatisfaction with the council’s management of this part of the municipality.

Their numerous grievances include streets filled with piles of garden and domestic waste, broken bins, potholes in roads and broken pavements, obsolete and insufficient road signage that poses a danger, destroyed coastal pathways, and insufficient police to control antisocial behaviour, amongst many others.

Full report in tomorrow’s Costa Blanca News – available from supermarkets, tobacconists/newspaper shops and online at



  1. This is nothing new the Costa has been a shithole for 10 years now sorry for the language. All our taxes go on orihuela city nothing is spent on the Costa and I’ve been here 16 years and it’s disheartening to see it deteriate the way it has. But some of the residents have to take some of the blame letting weeds grow outside there homes and taking no pride whatsoever. Feel this demonstration will fall on deaf ears just like before.


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