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October 6

I was the victim of a hit and run, the driver cut a corner giving my bike no escape, I was flown to hospital and 12 weeks later my ribs still hurt when I breath.

Two weeks ago I was found at fault and fined for it.

So why has it humbled me and made me truly sorry. You see I have lived well, done very well, travelled and taken every advantage I was given. Always hired the best people for the job irrespective of race gender or age, supported the “anybody can achieve anything with effort mantra” . They say walk a mile. Well I think I just did, you see I was all in for getting justice, why should I pay when it’s not my fault, and I’d suffered.

Then it hit me I’m not the privileged one now, I have suddenly actually felt a small fraction of what it is like to be a minority. I’m totally guilty of not being Spanish and I’m truly sorry, not for the bigoted cop or the lying coward who hit me but for being a naive selfish white man and not realising how well off I am. I’ve paid the fine, taken the beating and am moving on.

Charles Schwier


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