Rubbish is the problem, not infrastructure


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September 26

The infrastructure is the least of our problems, it’s the rubbish left by ‘people’ in the area. Plastic floats in the beaches and in the sea, and scattered in every natural space, it has gotten worse year after year.
And ‘people’ just walk by without a care in the world. If everyone truly cared about ‘Orihuela Costa’ including ‘proud’ Spanish people then they would take responsibility for the environment they so call love and enjoy.
Remember we built these infrastructures for our own pleasure, all whilst destroying the land and nature around it. And I believe our failure to change, will slap us in the face of Karma.
So forget the dodgy pavements, and weeds overgrowing, because the real issue is the constant destruction of the natural environment, which actually serves a purpose.
I would have thought that living in an area with more ‘elder-wiser-people’ would mean they would take more notice and responsibility of this… because after all, us young folk are usually redeemed naive and careless.
If you can do your bit today, and perhaps every day, and not rely on governments, then you have just taken responsibility of your life. That’s all it takes.

Natalia Peters


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