Dog shelters not helpful


September 30

Dear Sir, Madam, I refer to the situation of the various and many animal sanctuaries and shelters in the Costa Blanca. I currently have a rescued dog eleven years old, his partner, another rescued dog has died ,consequently looking for another preferably a spaniel to keep him company.
I have contacted three establishments, two that are predominantly Spaniel orientated, I have not had the courtesy of a reply I find this quite unbelievable in today’s environment.
Should these shelters be sponsored financially or in fact in any way?

Yours faithfully
Dafydd Jones-Evans


  1. Really! Why not ban them altogether if they don’t reply to you. Failing that lets ask the government to just allow you to pick up stray dogs off the street. Vacuous, empty headed serial complainer. How about you drive down to a rescue centre and speak to them face to face or is it that you haven’t bothered to learn basic Spanish.


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