Regarding your TIE card experiences….

August 10
The Editor,
Dear Sir,
We are very confused as to whether to change our green A4 Certificado Del Real Decreto 240/2007, de 16 Febrero. It states that we are ‘con caracter permanente’ of Spain.
I have Multiple Sclerosis. If we made appointments to visit Alicante and I was in the process of a severe relapse (I am bed bound for a time). I never know when I will be able to walk besides feeling OK to go.
I have a feeling that we will need to get this TIE card in the new year, so it’s best if we do it this year for other reasons that I cannot put in print.
What is the normal cost of an agency helping us to do this (we live in a very expensive area)?
Can my husband sign for the new card for me? (I have read that I need to go once) to get this new TIE card.
If you print this letter, withdraw my name please.

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