Keep Villajoyosa clean


VILLAJOYOSA town hall is to launch an information campaign raising awareness of the importance of keeping the streets and parks clean. With the slogan ‘La Vila és ta casa, no l’embrutes’ (la Vila is your home, don’t dirty it), the social media campaign is based on the production of six videos featuring people representing different social sectors of Villajoyosa, in order to reinforce the message of collaboration and involvement amongst all residents to achieve a clean and tidy town.

The videos show everyday actions, which make the area dirty, that are carried out regularly in the street and the effect or consequence that this would have if it is undertaken inside the home. Mayor Marcos Zaragoza said: “We want the viewer to realise that the streets and parks are their home, they belong to all residents, and therefore, we must take care of them and keep them clean and tidy, just as we do in our homes. In this way, the un-civic behaviour that we do not think of doing in our homes, should not be done in the streets either. Therefore, the scenes compare the reckless actions that are carried out on the streets, often unconsciously, and how they would affect us if we did them inside our homes.”

To show that the cleanliness  of the municipality is everyone’s responsibility, the videos involve people of different ages, representing social groups and citizens from different social spheres.

The videos will be launched shortly through social networks and the media, as well as radio spots.


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