Roquetas mayor tainted by new scandal

President of conservative PP party in Almería in new 'jobs-for-the-boys' revelations

Gabriel Amat is once again centre stage for the wrong reasons

By Richard Torné

The mayor of Roquetas de Mar, Gabriel Amat, is under pressure to resign over claims he awarded contracts amounting to some €950,000 to firms featuring his son-in-law.

According to the El País newspaper, in May 2009 Sr Amat awarded a 887,000-euro contract to build a hedgerow to two firms, one of which (Jarquil Verde) employed Amat’s son-in-law, José Zapata Pomares, as a consultant.

It also emerged that Sr Zapata allegedly benefited from other contracts between 2008 for €29,700 and another one in July 2014 for €35,555.

The first contract, which was to carry out an inventory of the city’s palm trees, was apparently awarded without due process and despite the fact it was €19,700 more expensive than the failed bid. Jarquil Verde, which employs only five staff, won the deal just two months after Sr Zapata joined the company, El País said.

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