Missing estate agent hit and run mystery

A Dutch woman fled scene of accident after leaving British cyclist with life changing injuries

The dark blue Mercedes C200 car that ran over a group of British cyclists last October 23

By David Jackson

A Dutch estate agent who vanished and left house purchasers out of pocket matches the description of the driver who fled after running over a group of British cyclists last October.

As exclusively reported in last week’s Costa Almería News, Annita van der Pluijm’s clients are urgently asking what happened to money lodged with her estate agency business Inmobiliaria Partaloa, amid fears that the 36-year-old has stolen hundreds of thousands of euros of client funds.

The Guardia Civil gave this paper a description of the driver of the car which hit a group of British cyclists on October 23, 2015 in Camino de la Hoya near Cantoria which matches Mrs Pluijm.

The driver failed to stop at the scene of the accident, and fled leaving the injured cyclists to fend for themselves.


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