Pokémon pop up all over province

Councils report increased visitor activity while urging players to ‘stay safe’ in wake of global surge of game-related accidents

A character found in this reporter’s living room

By Emma Randle

Councils across Almería province are taking steps to deal with the latest craze to sweep the world – ‘augmented reality’ game Pokémon Go.

The game, which involves searching for virtual reality characters in real locations, has achieved immense popularity, but brings with it certain risks as players become oblivious to real dangers around them.

In Garrucha the council claims the ‘presence’ of the cartoon characters at sites of local interest has increased the number of visitors, while in Alicún the council organised a workshop for parents and children on the game and its risks. In addition, Almería city’s Maestro Padilla auditorium played host to more 200 Pokémon fans at a convention two weeks ago.

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