Níjar police face abuse charges

German expat case back on track after provincial court ruling

Ceremonial parade of Níjar's police force (Photo: Ayuntamiento de Níjar )

By Emma Randle

The case of a German resident of Nijar who alleges he was beaten up by local police officers has been re-opened by the high court after being dismissed by a court of first instance last year.

The Audiencia Provincial ruled last week that there was “sufficient evidence to believe the case should be investigated and go to trial”.

The incident occurred during an Easter parade in 2014.  Speaking to CA News the alleged victim, C.K., said he was having a late night drink with friends outside a bar. As a traditional procession passed by he remarked to his companion in Spanish: “Here come the fascists of the village.” At that moment the street and the bar fell silent and his comment was overheard by a local police agent.

He claims that after an initial exchange of words the officer hit him, pushed him to the ground, handcuffed and led him away. On the way to the police station he said he was taken into a dark alleyway and beaten up.

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