Hospital crisis deepens

Huércal Overa hospital suffering from ‘chronic lack’ of staff, says council

The beleaguered Huércal Overa hospital

By Emma Randle

A shortage of specialists and other medical staff is bringing Huércal Overa’s La Inmaculada hospital to crisis point, according to the provincial Partido Popular (PP) party.

The hospital’s plight was highlighted at a council meeting on Monday at which mayor Domingo Fernández (PP) claimed to “expose the reality” of the “lack of staff and other deficiencies” , blaming the Junta for its “woeful management” of the health service.

At the council meeting it was revealed there had been no dermatologist at the hospital for a year, three out of five ophthalmologists had left within a month of being hired in the summer, and only four surgeons remained after two retired and two resigned.

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