Guardia agent gives Yorkshire Terrier loving new home

The little terrier with its new owner

NEWS Staff Reporter

A kind cop who saved a Yorkshire terrier from being run over last week has decided to adopt it.

The Guardia Civil agent was part of a patrol on its way to Almería city from Níjar when the incident happened at a stop sign.

The small dog, which was spotted wandering along the road, looking terrified and exhausted, suddenly stopped in front of a stationary car at a junction, just as the driver was about to accelerate. The agents rushed to stop the vehicle in the nick of time. As the animal had not been chipped and had no registered owner, the agent took charge of the animal, which was described as being in a “deplorable condition”.

The little pooch was given a thorough check up at the vets, and was deloused, fed and watered.

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