Goats and rain blamed for second rock fall

It must have been goats…according to government official Andrés García Lorca (middle of picture)

The main road known as El Cañarete was the scene of further chaos on Monday night, April 4, after rocks from the roadside cliff face fell on a taxi causing substantial damage and shocking the driver.

It is the second landslide on the road in six months and comes after the top government official in Almería, Andrés Garcia Lorca, pledged to complete repairs by March.

Put on the spot in a radio interview the next day Sr García said that the “actions of goats” living on the mountain near La Gruta restaurant where the accident happened could have been the cause of it, along with rainfall that night.

A number of people commenting on social media and the press ridiculed his remarks, however. “Of course, there is so much vegetation on that mountain that the goats weigh 2,000 kilos each!” one said.

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