Fake terrorist attack alert goes viral

Police hunt robbers after driver is beaten and lorry stolen at gunpoint

A real Guardia Civil roadblock

By Richard Torné

Police in Almería are on the hunt for three armed men after the theft of a lorry sparked a rumour they were planning a terrorist attack.

The incident happened in Almería city about 6am on Friday (October 6) when a lorry driver who was sleeping in his cabin on a lay-by was attacked by three men wielding a knife and a handgun.

The assailants tied the driver up and dumped him by the roadside before driving the lorry away. A witness called the police after seeing the victim lying on the ground and bleeding from a head wound. However, the story took on an unexpected twist when a recording purportedly made by someone from the security forces went viral on the WhatsApp messaging service, warning about an imminent terrorist attack.

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