Almería’s rail service ‘a joke’

Pressure group derides Almería-Seville 'train wreck' line after 12-hour round trip

PSOE officials arriving in Seville after the tortuous six-hour journey

The decrepit state of Almería’s railway network was laid bare last week when local politicians and representatives of a pressure group fighting for improved rail services in the province went on a 12-hour round trip to Seville by train.

The entourage, which included press and members of the ‘defence of the rail network in Almería’ association, took their protest to the regional parliament to demand that central government provide “train services worthy of Almería”.

They claimed the point was made as the 400-kilometre journey took almost six hours – more than double it would have taken by car. This included a bus transfer from Granada station to Antequera in Málaga, due to construction work for the Granada-Madrid AVE high speed rail link.

Describing the journey as “excruciating”, the travellers lamented the tortuously slow speeds during the Almería-Granada stretch – below 60 kilometres in places – caused by an outdated track.

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