Hidden depths

Sorbas cave explorations reveal possibly world’s biggest gypsum pool

Many of the caves were underwater

An underground pool thought to be the deepest of its kind in the world has been discovered in the Sorbas nature park during the latest cave mapping exercise.

A group of cavers dedicated to charting the underground cave network concluded nine years of explorations on March 24, mapping out a further three kilometres of cave galleries.

Among the discoveries found by the Grupo de Trabajo de Sorbas (GTS) was a 54-metre deep pool, named Sima Ada, considered to be the largest in the world formed in a karst (gypsum and limestone) landscape.

A further five ‘simas’ (pools or chasms) were charted, along with a series of caverns leading off a cave known as Cueva del Lapo that was first discovered 30 years ago.

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