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Britons return to boost Costa tourism

FOLLOWING a fall in the number of British visitors to the Valencia region earlier this year, the figure shot up in October to provide...

‘Concerned’ about British residents

VALENCIA’S president Ximo Puig met the UK’s Ambassador in Spain, Simon Manley and his consular team on Monday. Sr Puig told Mr Manley that he...

Getting ready for a free AP-7 motorway in 2020

REPRESENTATIVES of the Valencia regional government and central government have met for the first time to discuss improvements to the AP-7 motorway access once...

Alleged Borriol killer arrested

THE MAN who supposedly stabbed his partner to death in September in Borriol was finally arrested in Argentina last weekend. Guardia Civil officers found the...

Residency certificate: ‘Permanent’ question answered

BRITISH expats aiming to be ‘Brexit Ready’ ahead of March next year are increasingly asking about their status as ‘permanent’ residents. The current road show...

Brit tourists wanted: Gandia taps the London market

BRITISH holidaymakers have always been thin on the ground in Gandia, but local authorities are determined to change all that – they spent three...

Woman survives Nolotil emergency

A woman collapsed “and very nearly died” after being given the controversial painkiller metamizole in a Marina Alta health centre. The 65-year-old was given Nolotil...

Blanket tourist let approval for all Gandía homes

ANY residential property in Gandia can be automatically registered as tourist accommodation if owners apply, the La Safor district capital's council has confirmed.

Help is on the way

PEOPLE affected by last week’s storms will receive extra aid to help deal with the consequences, regional president Ximo Puig announced. Puig explained the measure...

Nolotil: woman’s near-fatal collapse

TAKING just one tablet of the controversial painkiller Nolotil triggered a severe allergic reaction in a Spanish woman – who was saved by quick-thinking...

‘Front-line’ terrorist ‘salesmen’ in their 50s lived discreet family lives

TERRORIST recruiters working for the so-called 'Islamic State' have been arrested in Alaquàs and Cocentaina, sending shockwaves through their neighbourhoods.

Concern over police retirement

The potential implementation of the early retirement law for police officers could seriously affect Valencia’s local authorities in early 2019.

Stolen car – and dog – found after agonising three days

A distraught woman who appealed to the person who stole her car to keep the vehicle but give her back her dog is now...

Gota Fria Alert

Valencia towns embrace themselves for torrential rain and flooding.  'Gota Fria' downpours forecast from Friday and throughout the weekend has the Valencian region on...

Coworking on the rise

More and more young entrepreneurs in Castellón are opting to work in shared offices with others as a way to save costs.

Mozzie madness

SEVERAL Castellón towns are pleading the regional government to take action and help fight the tiger mosquito plague that is currently affecting residents.

Hash-grower with 116 plants acquitted after proving personal use

A MAN caught growing 116 hash plants in a Burjassot basement has been acquitted after successfully showing they were all for personal use. The 41-year-old...

Llíria cancer run success

OVER 1,000 runners took part in the event held in Llíria last Sunday, helping raise funds to fight against cancer.

No to mobile phone ban

With the central government thinking about banning phones in schools, teachers and experts believe it is better to establish guidelines for their use rather...

Scandal over artwork

A SERIES of sculptures depicting erotic scenes have caused controversy among those who believe they are too explicit for children and those who simply...



Spain lifeline for ‘Brexpats’

THE SPANISH government has again appealed for calm amongst expats affected by Brexit and the current political troubles over the Withdrawal Agreement. Madrid has undertaken...

Regional ban on circus animals

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