The WOW Beach experience is back


The Beach Club of Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, located on the beach of La Glea de Dehesa de Campoamor (Orihuela), opens its doors.

It opens the summer season with a renovated terrace, its famous infinity pool and the best gastronomy.

Entering WOW Beach means immersing yourself in a place that is reminiscent of those paradisiacal corners that we see on the most beautiful postcards and in the photographs of the best travel websites. But, this particular paradise has a great advantage for sun and sea lovers: it is not located on distant shores, but on the south coast of the province of Alicante, on the beach of La Glea, Dehesa de Campoamor.

It has a privileged location, being right on the beach and offering fantastic views of the Mediterranean. For those who want to live a 100% unique summer experience, this is without a doubt the ideal option.

Visitors from previous years already know, that WOW Beach has a hammock area or exclusive Balinese beds with champagne overlooking the spectacular infinity pool. New this year is the terrace area, which has a new look compared to last summer. White is more prominent in the design, contrasting with the blue of the pool water, the sky and the sea. It is open from Friday to Sunday in June and September, and daily in July and August.

In addition to the already relaxing atmosphere of the swimming pool, there is also a bar service with original cocktails that combine different flavours and degrees of intensity, perfectly matching the summer and the sea.

You can also enjoy the gastronomic offer of the WOW Beach Restaurant at lunchtime. With a clear Mediterranean style, it is characterised above all by quality and the use of local ingredients of maximum freshness. The menu offers a wide range of carefully selected dishes that combine garden produce, meat and, of course, the best fish. Particularly recommended are the rice dishes, cooked with the mastery typical of this part of the Mediterranean.

il Palco on WOW Beach: authentic Italian food by the sea

The best dishes from the Italian restaurant at Las Colinas Golf & Country, il Palco, come to WOW Beach during the months of July and August to make dinner an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Chef Fonsi Lillo has created a selection of il Palco’s star dishes to be served at WOW Beach’s Mediterranean Nights, and this year he has added a series of new dishes that can only be tasted at WOW Beach, as they are exclusively designed to be enjoyed by the sea.

Those who want to enjoy il Palco at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club can also do so at night during the summer.

To find out when you can enjoy the WOW Beach experience, visit

Opening with a taste of the sea: ‘Ronqueo’

Like last year, the opening event of the WOW Beach summer season will be the ‘Ronqueo’, a traditional live event of manual cutting of a 300 kg Bluefin tuna, which will take place on Thursday, June 13.

This technique is thousands of years old and dates back to the time of the Phoenicians. Last year, WOW Beach brought this culturally interesting event to La Glea beach for the first time. Once the tuna has been cut, it is used in various dishes.


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