Toll-free AP-7 will not keep lorries out of Oliva


By Samantha Kett

A MOTORWAY exit in Oliva badly needed to stop the N-332 clogging up through town is unlikely to be built in time for the AP-7 tolls being scrapped, according to recently-issued estimates.
Heavy lorries needing to get to the industrial estate near the Alicante province border from the north would still need to use the N-332 without it, since the existing Oliva exit is at the Gandia end.
This would totally erase the traffic-calming benefits of axing the motorway tolls, as residents in central Oliva would still have to put up with round-the-clock gridlocks, unsafe air-pollution and decibels more than 50% higher than the World Health Organisation’s recommended maximum.
The motorway exit would cost €29 million, and the central government has not even approved the plans – nor does it seem in a hurry to do so.

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