Alleged Valencia jihadist arrested

Detenido en Valencia por intentar captar a combatientes para el Dáesh

By Joe Wickman

A MIDDLE-AGED man has been arrested in Benetússer (Valencia) accused of being an active recruiting member of ISIS.
National Police officers arrested the 45-year-old on Wednesday after officers discovered he was behind several social network profiles and would routinely publish messages aimed at recruiting members for terrorist groups, initially Al Qaeda, and more recently, ISIS.
By linking him to messages in which he said ‘jihad is an unavoidable duty’, called for ‘enforcement of Sharia law’, suggested his followers ‘strictly comply with religious decrees’, talked about combat tactics and praised previous terrorist attacks performed in Europe, Syria and other countries, Spanish officials labeled him as a ‘real threat against public safety’ and proceeded to apprehend him, adding to the 194 jihadists that have been stopped since 2015.

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