‘Fried eggs’ ready to roll in


Torrevieja town hall biologist Juan Antonio Pujol has reported that large concentrations of Mediterranean jellyfish (Cotylorhiza tuberculate) – also known as fried egg jellyfish – are amassing off the shore.

He noted that ‘depending on weather conditions’ they could be seen on the beaches soon.

They are brought into the shore by easterly winds, which are set to blow strongly tomorrow (Friday).

The jellyfish’s sting has very little or no effect on humans but can cause allergies in more sensitive people.

Sr Pujol noted that the stings can cause hives in young children.

NHS Direct explains that hives (also called urticaria) is a raised, itchy rash that is usually caused by a reaction to things like food, pollen or insect bites.

Photo: Wikipedia – Fredski2013



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