Burglar’s leaps of faith land him in jail


A BURGLAR known to be behind at least two break-ins and possibly more has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.
The accused, a 33-year-old Spaniard with an existing criminal record, climbed around eight feet up to the balconies of two villas in Aielo de Malferit (Vall d’Albaida, Valencia province) to gain entry, making off with a Smart TV, a Paul Versan watch, gold and diamond earrings and a necklace, and €300 in cash.
He was spotted on the first attempt by two residents out for a walk, but waited until they moved on before trying again.
The villa owner caught him, so he fled via a back patio and scaled a six-foot wall to get into the houe next door, where he forced the metal kitchen door.

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