Bad parenting in Valencia

A mother-of-three locked her children up in a room with no food, water or bathroom, while she went clubbing


THE POLICE arrested a woman for abandoning her family in Valencia earlier this week after rescuing her children, who had been locked up for 16 hours in a room with no food or access to a bathroom.
The emergency services received a call by a person who lives in the Camino de Moncada street, saying they could hear three children crying out for help in a room next door.
Police agents went to the location and found out that the cries were coming from a four-bedroom home that was being rented out by three diferent families, with the child’s cries coming from behind one of the rooms, which was locked up with a padlock.
They broke the padlock and found, in the room, three children aged four, seven and nine, who had, according to the other families, been there for 16 hours, since the mother left the home the night before.

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