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SanSan Festival to be held on Alcodar industrial estate


A MASSIVE and popular indie festival will move to Gandia’s Alcodar industrial estate now the Wonderwall Music Resort has shut down for good.
The SanSan Festival is due to take place over Easter weekend and will feature national bands and artists including The Parrots, Carmen Boza, Eme DJ, M.O.D.A., Second, Polock, Corizonas, Ángel Stanich, Grises and Full together with a long list of mixing-desk legends during the Ocho y Medio DJs session, but not at its old venue near the north end of the beach.
Instead, it will be held in the disused merchandise warehouse on an esplanade alongside the railway track which belongs to transport board ADIF.
The stage and dance floor will face the Bayrén castle on top of the mountain above the N-332 during the three-day festival to reduce noise nuisance to nearby residents.

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