Light at the end of the tunnel


Spain has recorded its lowest number of deaths of patients suffering coronavirus in nearly two weeks.

The total of 637 is the lowest since March 24 – and shows a continuing improvement around the country.

The Valencia region has registered a large drop in new patients – just 150 compared to the 316 reported on Sunday.

Councillor for health Ana Barceló reported today (Monday) that 1,909 patients with the virus are being treated in hospital, 384 of them in intensive care.

The number of deaths in the region has also decreased – 24 in the last 24 hours compared with 52 the previous day.

Ten of the people who died yesterday were in residential care homes.

The total number of deaths in the regional now stands at 637.

Sra Barceló noted that a further 118 patients have recovered from the virus, with the total now at 930.

A total of 1,118 healthcare professionals have caught the virus.



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