UK parliament system and Covid


Hillsborough, Co. Down, N. Ireland
September 22

The strength of the British parliamentary system is the built-in opposition within the House of Commons, but where within all the coronavirus hysteria is the opposition to the British government’s over-reaction to this overly hyped issue?

Before a Bill becomes an Act of Parliament it must pass through multiple stages – Green Paper, White Paper, The First Reading, The Second Reading, The Committee Stage, etc.

However, many of the draconian measures surrounding the coronavirus have been created by decree by government ministers.

The loyalties of any health minister may lay more with corporate lobbyists than with the general public’s wellbeing as the revolving door between government and industry is always turning. Is the crisis now facing UK society not one of dysfunctional democracy rather than from a trumped-up virus?

The present crisis originates more in the ambitions of world institutions seeking to usurp power from national governments, rather than with the governments themselves and government officials who seem to be reading from a corporate script.

Louis Shawcross

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