Bridge unrepaired for five years


September 23
Marines (Castellón)

Dear Editor

For the past 15 years we have been visiting my brother and sister in law at their property just outside of Marines Vieja, 5 years ago the bridge along the road that leads to the properties on the edge of the Parc Natural de la Serra Calderona (Castellón province) collapsed, this is next to the newly built water treatment plant opposite Marines Vieja, this has left only a small and dangerous path leading to the properties and the outstanding park.

Also, the mains water pipe is swinging freely across the void with a large concrete block dangling above it, see attached photo. The residents who live along this road, now have to carry shopping, bottled gas, also this year a new washing machine up the mountain across the very dangerous gap in the bridge, as there is now no vehicular access along this road.

There next-door neighbours are elderly and in their 80s and having to self-isolate due to Covid-19, they also have to do the same in relation to shopping and gas bottles. Both families have been to the local council in Marines numerous times and have even offered to pay a substantial amount towards the cost of the repair of the bridge, only to be shrugged off. As you can see in the photos a temporary shoring up of the side of the hole has been attempted by the residents who live along this road to prevent further deterioration of the remaining path.

If a fire was to break out in the forest like the forest fires very close by in 2018/19 or an accident happened and an ambulance was needed then this could result in tragic loss of life as there is no way a vehicle could get to them.

What I am asking by publishing this letter in your paper, yourselves or someone else could help to push this through government to enable the repairs to go ahead.

Attached photo of the collapsed bridge.

John Pepper



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