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January 2, 2018

I did not read the original article from Linda Garfield but I do find the article by Mike Lawson quite offensive. He is a typical Labour person expecting something for nothing. All services have to be funded from somewhere.

I find it completely indefensible that he also talks about Margaret Thatcher in such a way as though she was on the wrong track. She did change the thinking of the public towards the unions who always seemed ‘hell bent’ in destroying the British industries. Change-NO!  They wanted the old ways to continue and she could see the changes taking place in the world. The car industry was destroyed by ‘Red Robbo’ and we all know about the Friday cars! What about the superb ship building business we once had?

He has been cushioned by being paid for by the local authority to go to university. Where did the money come from? Again a Labour person acting with his head in the sand. Both my sons were able to go to university and we paid all the fees. No help from anyone!  I had to commence work immediately after I left school, as my family had no money to help keep me for three years.

I became self-employed in January 1970 and am still working! I did not have a silver spoon in my mouth and had to find money for my own pension. He obviously has worked for a company where they top up his pension from the profits. If you are self-employed, there is no such money. You have to provide every penny from your own hard work. I think Mr Lawson has been cushioned from the world by now having a good pension to enable him to spend his retirement in Spain.

This does not apply to many of my self-employed friends who have suffered over the years from changes in government thinking. They are now at the bottom of the ladder in many cases, as they could not save enough during their working lives for a good pension. I had my problems in the 80s with a building business where I could not sell the property and the rate of interest went from 9% to 19%! How would he have liked to cope with that? Many people I know went under and lost all their savings. He in turn continued in a secure job and landed up with a good pension.

Under the Labour Party, they want to tax at the high rates and then the top earners will leave the UK. Perhaps he is not old enough to remember the time when tax was raised to stupid levels and all the stars moved to America. This could happen with companies as they can move to the most tax efficient country to run their businesses.

Remember there is never a free lunch and Mr Lawson should remember the last time Labour were in power. Always a mess and it takes the Tories several years to recover. Even their own minister said when the Conservatives returned to power that the ‘pot was empty’. Not sure of the writers age but he must know that a Labour government under Corbyn would be a disaster. Even his’ deputy’ has said that he expected the value of the pound to drop if they gained power. How would he then feel if his pension lost buying power outside the UK? I bet he would not be happy. That is the realism about a future Labour government coming to power.

Geoff Spinks.

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