Tuna poisoning cases soar above 100-mark

Junta closes yellowfin processing line at Garciden factory in Vera

Supermarkets are making an effort to reassure customers

By Richard Torné

A processing line at a Vera fish firm has been closed by the Junta following a food poisoning outbreak and rising numbers of people taken ill from eating contaminated yellowfin tuna.

According to the latest figures released last week by the ministry of health, 105 people across Spain and in four EU countries have been struck down by scombroid poisoning.

The allergy-like symptoms include skin rashes, vomiting, diarrhoea and headaches.

None of those affected, who now include four people from Almería, has been admitted to hospital, but the source of the contamination, the Garciden factory in Vera which employs 182 staff, is still being investigated by the Junta after the tuna processing line was shut.

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