Rescue dog is star of Spanish TV show

Pitbull’s story highlights plight of abandoned dangerous dogs doomed to die in city pound

Rescued pitbull Meca with actor Dani Rovira on El Hormiguero TV show last Monday

By Emma Randle

Canine ‘heroine’ Meca who led rescue volunteers to a dumped puppy in Almería last month was a star again this week on national television, where her appearance led to a storm of protest against dangerous dog laws in Almería city.

The female pit bull, classed as a ‘dangerous dog breed’, appeared on El Hormiguero show with popular comedian and award winning actor Dani Rovira, on their ‘adopt a dog’ spot.

Rovira used Meca, a rescue dog from the La Huella Roja animal sanctuary in Almería city, to encourage viewers to adopt dogs classed as ‘potentially dangerous’ and save them from almost certain death.

Rovira made a point as he cuddled and petted the dog, while her handler told how she pulled at her leash while out walking to find a puppy tied up in a black plastic bag (as reported in this paper), which was saved and subsequently adopted.

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