A load of bull?

Bullfighting ‘has done the most to educate Spaniards socially and politically’, says PP politician amid launch of ‘tauromaquia’ workshops

Children training at a bullfighting workshop “should have no place in the 21st century”, according to a spokesman for the Equo green party

By Richard Torné

Green party Equo has blasted the ruling Partido Popular administration for agreeing to subsidise bullfighting workshops ahead of a decision by the provincial council to launch one such scheme in six towns in Almería.

The PP-run Diputación council last week announced that it was starting bullfighting workshops in six municipalities – Ohanes, Abrucena, Gérgal, Gádor, Vélez Rubio and Laujar de Andarax.

The workshops, devised with the help of Almería’s bullfighting school (ACTA), aim to “promote bullfighting activities among a younger public in Almería”. Among Diputación’s “fun” activities are pretend bull-runs and bullfights for children.

At the launch of the scheme, culture deputy Antonio Rodriguez defended the spectacle by quoting writers and philosophers from the past. He said: “Federico García Lorca went so far as to say that it was the world’s most high-brow cultural activity. In one of his works, professor Tierno Galván said it was the event which had done the most to educate Spaniards socially and politically.”

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