Promotional videos cause consternation

Council films for Fitur tourism fair spark controversy

The controversial El Algarrobico hotel has been cropped out of the council’s promotional video

By David Jackson

Roquetas and Carboneras have presented promotional videos at this year’s Fitur tourism fair in Madrid which have caused much comment.

Roquetas de Mar issued a two-minute video playing on the Christmas lottery win, entitled ‘Roquetas brings luck’. However, journalists at the official presentation were surprised to see mayor Gabriel Amat included among the list of municipal attractions.

Carboneras council also carefully cropped the controversial El Algarrobico hotel out of its promotional video, while also promoting a protected islet that people are not permitted to visit.

Amat’s cameo appearance is just 10 seconds into the video, after a caption reading “Roquetas is lucky in being so beautiful”.

The mayor’s office has not commented on the cameo appearance. However, opposition parties say they are studying whether to make a joint complaint to the electoral committee over this “subliminal advertising using official funds”.

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