Politics gets personal

Cantoria mayor ejects husband from council meeting

Mayor Sánchez

By Emma Randle

A council meeting in Cantoria turned into a domestic row last Thursday (April 28) after the mayor expelled her husband from the room following alleged insults to the opposition party leader.

Antonio Cerrillo, who was a mayoral candidate before the local elections last May before he was stopped outside a brothel in possession of a small quantity of cocaine and had to step down, reportedly called José María Llamas from the Partido Popular party an “idiot”.

Mayor Purificación Sánchez (PSOE) told her husband off twice until finally he was escorted from the meeting by local police officers.

Sr Llamas described how Sr Cerrillo arrived at the meeting around an hour after it started, sat in the front row, turned to him and called him an “idiot” in a raised voice.


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