More chiringuito applications than ever before

But Junta admits unauthorised beach bars abound

Beach bars are an essential part of Spanish beach life during the summer

By David Jackson

The regional government says it has received applications for 16 new chiringuitos, or beach bars, to be installed on the beaches of the province this year.

These new applications are on top of the 72 chiringuitos that already operate across Almería, of which 22 are unlicensed. Of the licensed bars, four are regulated by the national Government and have had their applications renewed.

The other 68 chiringuitos depend upon the regional government for their licences, and 10 of them have already received their annual permit for operation.

A further 36 applications are being considered, whilst the remaining 22 have never asked for, nor received, permission to operate on the beach.

The 22 unauthorised beach bars are believed to have been installed before the implementation of the Ley de Costas, and have not yet sought to regularise their situation.

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