Police close to breaking point

Force overwhelmed by migrant flood - but claims of jihadists reaching Spain by hiding on makeshift vessels dismissed by unions

Guardia agents rescuing migrants at sea during a recent operation

By Richard Torné

The police in Almería are severely undermanned and unable to deal with the growing number of migrants entering the country by sea, key unions have told CA News.

The problem came to a head last month when the authorities took the unprecedented step of releasing 70 migrants because the country’s detention centres were full. And on Tuesday, dozens of migrants were feared dead after a boat capsized 28 miles south west of the Island of Alboran.

UFP police union spokesman Raimundo Morales told CA News: “It began with a small flow and it’s now got a lot worse, but no-one is taking the problem seriously. Imagine if a boat arrives in Almería carrying 1,000 people in one go as happened recently in Italy – we wouldn’t be able to cope.”

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