Parent power wins through

'Dangerous' Sorbas school bus route changed after personal visit from education delegate

Education delegate Francisca Fernandez Ortega (centre) with Sorbas mayor Jose Fernandez (front left) and parents from Cariatiz

By Emma Randle

An hour long school bus journey over a tortuous mountain road to Sorbas is to be re-routed after a six-week long campaign by parents in Cariatiz, culminating in a visit from the education delegate for Almería.

The regional government delegate, Francisca Lourdes Fernández Ortéga, confirmed the decision after she visited the village last week and travelled the mountain stretch.

The new bus route for secondary school children from outlying villages to Sorbas turned what used to be a 15-minute straight journey along a main road into a long and potentially dangerous school run.

Parents were shocked to discover the change in route at the start of term, which happened without consultation with them or the school.

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