Murcia farm workers found guilty in pig slaughter case

The two were filmed clubbing and stabbing the animals with a large sword

The case came to light after two farm workers were filmed killing the pigs in a brutal manner

By Richard Torne

Two men who bludgeoned and stabbed at least three pigs to death for fun in a farm in Murcia have been handed a suspended prison sentence by a court in Cartagena.

The men, Antonio Jesús Jiménez Hernández and Juan Ismael Ricardo Rodas, were secretly filmed by a co-worker at the El Escobar farm in Fuente Álamo repeatedly stabbing the pigs – including a pregnant sow – with a broad sword.

The case first came to light in February 2012 after farm worker Marcos Verduga handed a copy of the video to animal rights association Animal Equality. In the harrowing six-minute footage the men are seen laughing as they club a number of pigs with a heavy iron bar before stabbing them with an 80-centimetre long sword, and celebrating the act afterwards.

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