Millennium commemorative stamp issued two years late

The late coming Almería millennium stamp

By Emma Randle

Almería’s celebration postage stamp commemorating 1,000 years since the founding of the city in 1014 was launched with much pomp and ceremony last week – two years after the millennium year.

The regional head of the post office presented the stamp, featuring two images of the Alcazaba, past and present, to an array of government dignitaries.

However, nobody mentioned the fact that it was the wrong year. Almería Millennium Friends’ Association (AMRA) revealed to CA News that the issue of the stamp was not only late, but also originally featured the wrong image and had “nothing to do with institutional collaboration”.

When asked why a commemorative stamp was only being launched now, AMRA president Alfonso Rubí replied wryly: “Because that is how things are done here.”

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