Luxury golf resort planned for Sorbas

Mothballed development revives amid concerns over water resources


By Emma Randle

A project to construct a golf course and high-end tourist resort in Sorbas has resurfaced after being put on the backburner since the 2008 economic crisis.

A plan for a 200-acre, 18-hole golf course, with a 500-detached villa residential development, holiday apartments, luxury hotel and sports club is currently displayed in Sorbas town hall, having been approved as part of the town plan (PGOU). The Sorbas Canyons project is still in its early stages but is being hailed by the council as a “very important development” for the town, despite the fact that two other nearby golf courses – Macenas and Cortijo Grande – lie abandoned after running out of money.

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  1. This smacks of corruption. Deals done behind closed doors carving up EU handouts. Retain the unique character of the region rather than turn it into desert grass.


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