Hot on the trail of the weather

Howard Headworth recording temperatures in San José

By Emma Randle

The summer of 2015 was the hottest for years on the Almería coast – including in San José where a former hydro-geologist has painstakingly recorded the weather every day for the last 21 years.

Expat Howard Headworth, who used to work for the Met office in the UK, records temperature, rainfall and “nice” and “poor” days.

He recorded the hottest summer in his 21-year log last year, with maximum daily temperatures exceeding 35 degrees centigrade for 40 days from the middle of July.

The hottest day of the year was July 8 at 40.3 degrees (the coldest was February 5 at 5.3 degrees).

Mr Headworth’s figures show maximum temperatures rising at an average of 0.25 degrees per year, confirming the widely held observation that the weather is getting warmer.

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