Homes from hell

Mazarrón estate a ‘living nightmare’ for hundreds of expats

Many of the houses suffer from severe subsidence

By Emma Randle

About 5,000 Brits are living in “appalling” conditions in Mazarrón in Murcia, according to the Socialist PSOE party, which is urging the regional government to step in and take control.

Residents on Mazarrón’s Camposol development have been campaigning for around 10 years for a solution to structural problems affecting roads and houses on the 4,000- home development which is built on the Los Aznares river bed.

Some 550 houses suffer from cracks and other structural damage, while pavements and roads are virtually impassable in places, according to the Camposol residents’ association.

The estate also suffers from lack of street lighting, a sub-standard sewage and water supply network and lack of maintenance of public spaces.


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  1. Looking @moving to composol. but are concerned about on going horror stories are these reports still on going??? Is it safe to buy here

  2. Get a full survey done before committing to anything. It is quite isolated and the motorway runs through the centre of the complex. The main point is the golf course, which is why the development was built.


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