Hate crimes soar against disabled

Disability discrimination higher than racism and homophobia in province

Eight out of the 15 hate crimes registered in Almería in 2016 were against the disabled

By Emma Randle

Most so-called ‘hate crimes’ committed in the province last year were against disabled people, bucking the national trend where racism was the cause of the majority of offences against anti-discrimination laws.

Figures released by the department of the interior this week show that eight out of the 15 hate crimes registered in the province during 2016 were against the disabled, while five were racist, one anti-Semitic and the last for “ideological reasons”.

Previously, homophobia was the most common complaint in the province.

Attacks on the disabled have risen by nearly 16 per cent across Andalucía as a whole, making it the region with the highest incidence of this type of discrimination.

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