Farmers stage huge demo over water shortages

Protesters demand repair of Villaricos desalination plant knocked out in 2012 floods - ‘or we’ll fix it ourselves’

Thousands turned up to protest outside the gates of the abandoned desalination plant

By Richard Torné

Thousands of farm workers staged a protest on Monday (October 16) outside the desalination plant in Villaricos to demand its repair amid fears this year’s harvest will be lost due to the ongoing drought.

Protesters were ferried in by coach and joined by an army of tractors in what was a meticulously staged event.

Farmers warned the Madrid Government and the Junta de Andalucía that if their demands were not met they would enter the plant and repair it themselves.

The threat comes with farmers facing the most serious drought in years, which together with the depletion of aquifers has caused severe water shortages and the potential loss of crops and thousands of jobs in agriculture.

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