Economy expands thanks to agricultural exports

Provincial trade surplus grew by 93 per cent in 2015

The greenhouses of the province, along with tourism are the main economic motor of Almería

By David Jackson

Almería province is growing its economy on the back of local farms, and last year it was the fastest growing economy in Andalucía.

The province exported 3.1 billion euros worth of goods last year representing 12.5% of the economy of Andalucía. Out of this, stripping out fuel, the provincial trade balance surplus was more than €816 million and agricultural exports increased by almost six per cent.

The export weight of the province is greater considering the relatively small size of the population compared to other provinces.

However, the increase in exports does not seem to be creating underlying jobs or new companies. The province had 40,237 registered companies at the close of 2015, fewer than in 2013. Instead, improved farming methods are increasing the yield per acre, and allowing farmers to compete more efficiently on the international market.

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