Crackdown on rental villas starts

Tourism officials investigate owners in run up to new registration requirements

Rental properties such as these will need to be registered with the regional authorities and conform to minimum standards

By David Jackson

Regional tourism authorities have confirmed that they have already started compiling data from online portals on short term rental properties in the province ahead of a May 11 deadline for owners to register on the tourism registry (RTA).

Tourism minister Francisco Javier Fernández confirmed he expected all such properties to be registered by the summer.

He said: “even if the property does not conform to the new standards, it must be registered and the owners will usually be given one year’s grace to carry out modifications to bring it up to standard.”

Inspectors from his department have been given instructions to trawl through online portals to discover properties that are being advertised for short term rentals throughout Andalucía. These lists will be checked against the RTA once the May deadline has passed.

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