Carboneras port extension sparks anger

A €7m marina improvement project has polarised the town

The marina in Carboneras is to have more than 260 new berths along with restaurants and shops, but nearby residents fear the noise will destroy their quality of life

By David Jackson

A €7.2 million reorganisation and extension to Carboneras marina has divided the town.

Beach-front residents have started a campaign against the extension, but tourism and fishing officials argue the redevelopment does not go far enough, expressing concerns that an original €40 million plan to join the town’s two ports has been watered down into a cheaper compromise.

As revealed last month by CA News, the plans are currently on public display to allow objections before final planning permission is granted.

The boat servicing area is to be moved outside of the current port and a new jetty is to be built which will provide mooring for up to 260 fishing and sports boats.

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